Construction Update July

With Stage 1 and 2 settlements now finalised, landscaping works have commenced and are continuing to be rolled out. Asphalt installation and electrical cabling has been completed in Stage 3. Footpath construction and concreting has commended however recent inclement weather has hindered the timely progress of works.

In Stages 4 and 5, electrical is expected to follow asphalt installation. Lower level roads and kerb have been finalised in Stage 4, but wet weather conditions have seen delays in lower level road construction in Stage 5. This is due to carried out in early July. Stage 6 and 7 have seen the completion of road boxing and will continue with water reticulation. Subgrade improvement for road construction is now also occurring in Stages 6 and 7.

With Stage 1 and 2 titles now delivered, we are excited to soon welcome the new residents of Arramont and we thank you for your patients.


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