Construction Update - February 2021

Welcome to the Arramont Community Update for February.

Civil Construction is ramping up at Arramont along with new homes nearing completion in Stages 6 and 7. We look forward to welcoming our newest residents.

January has seen the Stage 8 area be split into 2 stages to allow completion of lots 801-818 along with “The Parklands” townhomes. This was due to delays with the major infrastructure being constructed along Champagne Avenue which has taken longer than expected.

Stage 9 will be delivered along with Stage 8 north and will also have Montbeliard Road connecting this new precinct to the Arramont community closer to Craigieburn Road.

Stage 10 has seen Bulk Earthworks progressing and the sewer team commencing work. Stage 11 is scheduled to commence this month, with council approvals all lining up.

The team at Arramont would like to thank you for your support as we continue to shape our community. There is plenty to be excited about at Arramont in 2021.


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