Why You Should Call a South-Facing Block Home.

When buying land in the relatively cool climate of greater Melbourne, you’re likely to hear real estate agents mention the term “north-facing block”. What does north-facing mean?

Because of the sun’s changing position in the sky throughout the seasons, a home on a north-facing block of land should capture the maximum amount of natural light in winter while being shaded from the high heat of summer. This positive “solar orientation” saves both energy and money as passive heating and cooling reduces bills and makes the home and garden generally more comfortable to live in.

So is a south-facing or even a southeast or southwest-facing block a deal-breaker when you’re looking for a new home? With a little extra thought, it really shouldn’t be! Here’s how to know when you should consider buying a south-facing block.

When the price is right

As north-facing homes are perceived to be more desirable, those blocks can be tricky to find and can often be a touch more expensive than their south-facing, near-identical neighbours directly across the road. Choosing a south-facing block may mean you can afford land with a better slope, shape or size for less; elements which mean your home build is likely to be easier and cost you less also.

When the outlook is better

You can change much about your new home design but you likely can’t change the view. A good view adds wow factor for you as well as major resale appeal. So if you’ve found a suburb or even a street that you love but the view is better there for south-facing blocks, don’t discount them automatically. In real estate speak you’ll value aspect over orientation.

When everything else is just right

There are several factors that will likely contribute to your overall happiness in a home more than which way it faces. Location and connection with the community are the big ones. Not dealing with mortgage stress and having enough space are others. You may very well be able to find a selection of - otherwise perfect - south-facing blocks in your dream suburb within budget more easily than you would find north-facing blocks.

When you have a good build team

Smart, modern design philosophies can easily mitigate the complex natural light and passive heating and cooling issues you may find when building on a south-facing block. Expert builders, interior designers and architects have hundreds of different tricks to capture, borrow and reflect warmth and light within your home. Just a few include adding prominent windows, skylights, clever lighting, strategic staircases and voids. There’s a lot of flexibility with the floor plan and how the house is positioned on the lot. Perhaps you like the idea off adding an internal courtyard (as a bonus you’ll enjoy the ultimate in outdoor privacy) or a larger front yard?

When your priorities are unique

There are a few other benefits to south-facing blocks that you might not have thought about. If you often work or study from home, a home on a south-facing block captures softer, more even light with no harsh shafts. This type of light is great for offices. And if you’re thinking of investing in the property instead of living there yourself, a premium location with good views for the right price should be a priority over which way the block faces, depending on your particular financial goals.

Need help finding the right block for you and your dream home? Get in touch with our friendly sales team who are ready to help! Visit our sales office at 290 Craigieburn Road East, Wollert or call the team on 0425 741 891 to have a chat.


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