Making the Most of Your Block Space

Building your own house to your own specifications and vision is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling decisions a homeowner can make. New land releases in Melbourne are rare; deciding what to place on your block can be a decision fraught with indecision and frustration.

Do you want to maximise your living space, or do you want a larger backyard? What about space for kids and pets? Do you want to downsize from what you had previously? Is growing your family a factor? All these questions are worth considering when settling into Arramont.

Going Vertical

Single storey homes on smaller or narrower blocks of land will have some limitations on space by nature. Adding an additional storey can easily add extra space to a home. If you aren’t looking to build up, having higher ceilings, adding a skylight and opting for a lighter colour palette can create a feeling of openness and space.

Building vertically can double your living and storage space and provide picturesque views of the parks and natural flora surrounding Arramont.

Orientation of your Home

The orientation of your home is important not only for space-saving but how much light you want to let in over the course of the year. You should understand how the sun moves across your site and design around it. Orienting living areas north or north-east can make a marked difference in how much light can filter in.

Internal Space flowing to the Outdoor

Optimising internal spaces that flow to your outdoor space or backyard is also a prime design factor in making the most of your block space. Can you design your living area with glass doors or a deck that creates one continuous, clean view of your garden or yard? It can make your home feel much more spacious as a result.

Doubling Up – Multi-Purpose Rooms

If you are quite limited in your block size, you may have to make better use out of your rooms than simply having one function. A living area can be set up with storage space as well as a study nook when it’s not being used as a family room. Bedrooms need not be supersized, as building good internal storage such as built-in robes can decrease clutter and the need for additional wardrobes or storage.

Look at What's Nearby

Many homeowners place a premium on having as much backyard space as possible. However, at Arramont, your home is surrounded by protected conservation areas and lush, wonderous park locations. If living in a wide-open space is your priority, it is more than met by the local Wollert Estates area. This means you can compromise more on outdoor space than you may have originally figured.

Need help with designing your dream home at Arramont? Our team is standing by to assist. Call us on 1300 965 537 or have a chat with us at our sales office at 290 Craigieburn Road East, Wollert.


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