Construction Update - July 2020

This month at Arramont the landscaping works in Stage 4 & 5 have now been completed. The waterway has continued to progress in the background with the footpath and bollards now being completed and grassing to occur shortly.

Construction of Montbeliard has been continuing, with the important installation of the Melbourne Water Main Drain, to assist with the overall sewer and drainage for the Arramont community.

Stage 8 & 9 internal works have commenced with the sewer contractor now on-site and works to continue for the coming months.

Projected settlement for stages 8 & 9 are to occur near March 2021. 2020 at Arramont has seen the majority of Stage 6 & 7 settlements occurring and we welcome our new residents into the community.

The Arramont team are working hard behind the scenes to deliver on all requirements for the coming year, and we look forward to bringing your community to life.


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